Wildlands Protects 72 Acres in the Poconos -

In December 2017, Wildlands Conservancy permanently protected 72 acres of woodlands and wetlands situated in Tobyhanna Township, Monroe County. The acquired acreage expands Wildlands’ 1,300-acre Thomas Darling Preserve at Two Mile Run along Route 940 in Blakeslee. This acquisition permanently preserves the forests and streams that are critical to the sustained health of the Lehigh River watershed, and, ultimately, the […]

Streamside Plantings Taking Root Throughout the Region! -

Riparian buffers – what exactly are they and why does Wildlands talk about them so much? Good question! Simply put, riparian buffers are streamside strips of native trees and plants that hugely benefit the health of our waterways, and in turn, our whole Lehigh River watershed! Riparian buffers are a cost effective way to filter […]

Maple Tract Preserve Stream Restoration -

Restoring the natural state of a stream affords a whole host of benefits, including improved water quality and wildlife habitat, erosion and flood control and enhanced opportunities for recreation. And when it comes to stream restoration, few strategies are as simple and effective as dam removal. Wildlands has facilitated the removal of 18 obsolete dams […]

What is a Watershed?! -

Did you know that every person on the planet lives in a watershed? Our environment, economy and well-being all depend on its health! Understanding how a watershed works is vital to stewarding its future – for all the people and wildlife who call it home! Simply put, a watershed consists of any land that drains […]

We Have a Plan for Clean Water Forever -

From the Forest to the Faucet Our forests do a lot of work when it comes to helping us have clean, healthy water – that is, if we do a good job of taking care of them.  That’s where Wildlands Conservancy comes in. We have a plan for clean water forever. In 2014, we were […]

Monocacy Park Stream Restoration Gets Underway -
Increasing Accessibility: Floodplain Trail -

Wildlands Conservancy, together with the Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living (LVCIL), has identified opportunities for increased accessibility at our Emmaus-based Pool Wildlife Sanctuary. The Floodplain Trail, which is sought-after for its boardwalk and beautiful view of the Little Lehigh Creek, is among the sanctuary’s features slated to be enhanced this year.

Lower Macungie Township Purchases Campbell Tract -

Luther R. Campbell, a longtime Lower Macungie resident and environmental enthusiast, passed away in October of 2016 leaving his 16.5-acre property to Wildlands Conservancy through a conservation easement. The property, situated at the intersection of Cedar Crest and Lower Macungie Road, is especially significant for containing a spring, which acts as a major source for […]

Grasslands Restoration Continues at Trexler Nature Preserve -

Trexler Nature Preserve, a premier Lehigh Valley outdoor space, has been maintained by the County of Lehigh since 1935. The 1,108-acre expanse is divided into three ranges: the Northern, the Central and the Southern. In 2015, Wildlands and partners commenced efforts to restore native grasslands and eradicate the Autumn olive, an invasive species that has rapidly […]

Moravian College Conducting Wildlands’ Water Studies -

Macroinvertebrates, small aquatic creatures that help indicate stream health, are pretty huge for Moravian College students aiming to realize careers in the natural world – especially when their studies are guided by Wildlands’ environmental experts and put to work for real-world research. Led by their biology professor Dr. Frank T. Kuserk, students in environmental science […]