Every Square Foot MATTERS

Wildlands Conservancy is in the business of protecting our lands—forever.

When it comes to our forests, mountains, and streams, we are losing our regional open spaces at an alarming rate of 2000 acres a year. When we lose these lands, we lose QUALITY of life as the water we drink and the air we breathe is linked directly to these greenspaces. We also lose countless MEMORIES as we lose the opportunity to step outside and hike, bike, fish, explore, and relax.

Land protection is a living return on investment. Wildlands Conservancy is PROUD to have preserved more than 60,000 acres of land on and in proximity to South Mountain, the Lehigh River Corridor, the Kittatinny Ridge (Blue Mountain), and the Pocono portion of the Lehigh River watershed. Every square foot of this land is a meaningful LEGACY to the people who call these regions home, and we are honored to protect each of them.


The green space around us is layered with meaningful HISTORY and holds the key to a FUTURE we can all be proud of. Through conservation easements, Wildlands Conservancy works with regional landowners to forever protect the CHARACTER, natural resources, and ownership of their land.

A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust that outlines the property’s conservation values and restricts future use of the property that would interfere with those values. A conservation easement may also reserve rights of property enjoyment to the landowner.

As a land trust, Wildlands Conservancy holds and SAFEGUARDS the conservation easement and regularly monitors the easement property to ensure that its conservation VALUES are being maintained. In this role, we play a vital part in helping landowners protect and conserve open green spaces.


Wildlands Conservancy works with state and federal agencies to acquire and permanently protect high-conservation-value lands. Our land acquisition and transfer work also significantly expands public lands for outdoor recreation and critical wildlife habitat.

Wildlands Conservancy has transferred more than 30,000 acres of land to state and federal agencies as public lands. Our acquisitions and transfers help sustain clean, healthy water for drinking, fishing, and recreation; protect and support crucial ecosystems; and expand activities that can be enjoyed in perpetuity by outdoor enthusiasts.


Acres Protected
Nature preserves
totaling 2,800 acres
Acres acquired and
transferred for public lands