Water Means EVERYTHING to Us

The mighty Lehigh River is the LIFEBLOOD of our region—its 103 miles begin in the headwaters of the Poconos and flow all the way to Easton, where the Lehigh joins the Delaware River. The Lehigh River watershed is a SPECIAL place to all of us, and the choices we make every day impact the health of its waters. From forest to faucet, Wildlands Conservancy is committed to protecting our water at the SOURCE.


Improving water quality and quality of life. Wildlands Conservancy works with private landowners and municipalities to mitigate flooding and erosion issues; remove liabilities like old, obsolete dams; and plant buffers to root the soil and filter runoff before it enters our waterways.


Sustaining the flow of nature. The planting of riparian buffers (streamside strips of native trees, grasses, and shrubs) curbs property damage from flooding and erosion, reduces mowing, and beautifies property while improving stream health for people, fish, and wildlife habitat.


Protecting land where it meets water. Wildlands Conservancy’s land protection efforts have permanently protected more than 60,000 acres of irreplaceable lands from vast bands of forests that filter water to precious wetlands, migratory flyways, and critical wildlife habitat.

Making CHOICES that Matter

Stream miles restored that were previously impaired
Acres restored in support of local habitat
Trees planted that will help protect our waters