It is a top priority for Wildlands Conservancy to respect the privacy of our donors. Wildlands Conservancy, and members of its staff and Board of Directors, adheres to strict guidelines to keep personal information secure. The following are some guidelines Wildlands Conservancy uses:

  • All personal information including names, addresses, and telephone numbers, gift amounts, etc. shall be kept strictly confidential by Wildlands Conservancy staff members and close members of the organization who are informed on the proper handling of donor information and who have access to that information.
  • All personal information is stored in a secured, password-protected database accessed by only authorized personnel. All information collected is utilized for future communications with the individual, business, and/or entity.
  • Individuals can contact the Wildlands Conservancy’s Development Department at any time to update personal information, remove their name from mailings, to make corrections to name listings or to inform the staff of any concerns they may have.
    Interested parties can contact the Development Department at 610.965.4397.
  • We will safeguard, according to strict standards of security and confidentiality, any personal information shared with us.
  • All gift solicitation materials will include the option for donors to remain anonymous or to make changes to their personal information.
  • At times, Wildlands Conservancy will utilize personal information to support our development and marketing activities with third party vendors. Individuals may contact the Development Department at any time to opt out. The option to opt out is given to donors through their donation remittance. Use of personal information in this manner must be approved by the Development & Communications Department. All financial contribution transactions are handled through Click & Pledge and are subject to Click & Pledge’s privacy policy