Brenner-Penfield Macungie Mountain Preserve


Two very visionary people, Merrill and Nancy Brenner, helped realize the 43+-acre Brenner-Penfield Macungie Mountain Preserve.  The local couple long wanted to conserve land for future generations, and in 2019, their wish for a public preserve legacy came true.  The lands they helped permanently protect offer a retreat within an ever-urbanizing Lehigh Valley.  The Brenners hope their actions inspire others to do their part to restore and sustain the Lehigh Valley and Lehigh River watershed.

New Preserve Notice: Being Established

Wildlands Conservancy is thrilled to offer a brand-new preserve destination within the Lehigh Valley. Brenner-Penfield Macungie Mountain Preserve will officially open in April 2021 and will eventually offer a through-trail from this preserve to adjacent Wildlands’ property Reimert Memorial Bird Haven. In the meantime, the following is already established:

  • The beginning of a 1+ mile trail planned to lead visitors to Sheep’s Rock. While mostly cleared at this time, it is presently unmarked
  • A 6-car parking area at the trailhead
  • Trail Map and Legend

  • Getting Here

    Main entrance

    6691 Sweetwood Dr, Macungie, PA 18062

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Questions or feedback about this preserve?

Contact Preserve Manager Michael Hock

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