This 6.8+ acre preserve is situated between the Bushkill Creek and Palmer Township Recreation Trail, part of the Karl Stirner Arts Trail. Principally located in the floodplain of the main stem of the Bushkill Creek, the preserve offers fishing access for anglers and a streamside respite for others.

The Karl Stirner Arts Trail, which runs adjacent to the Binney and Smith Preserve and is owned and operated by Karl Stirner Arts Trail Inc., is a 1.75-mile recreational trail named after an Easton sculptor.

Binney & Smith Preserve acts as a floodplain and riparian buffer to Bushkill Creek and offers habitat and important travel corridors for a variety of wildlife. Notable species include blue herons, bald eagles, and waterfowl.

The forested, streamside (riparian buffer) environment at Binney & Smith is populated by shagbark hickory, hawthorn, green ash, horse chestnut, tulip poplar, silver maple, red cedar and more. The vegetative growth along the riparian buffer and floodplain benefits water quality by filtering and trapping pollutants. Their mighty roots stabilize soil, slow floodwaters, protect property downstream, and mitigate rainwater runoff. Flowering plants, such as Jack-in-the-Pulpit and swamp milkweed, along with several varieties of fern, also grow here.

It was acquired from the Binney & Smith Corporation in two separate pieces, the first in 1981 and the second in 1992.

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