Wildlands Fishing

This 9-acre preserve is critical in protecting clean water entering the headwaters of the Lehigh River. Vegetative areas along the stream, also called riparian buffers, help filter groundwater in this wetland environment. There is no public parking, formal access, or trails currently, but the preserve is open for visitors to catch streamside glimpses of wildlife or access the river for fishing or boating.

Wetlands here provide habitat for ground-nesting birds, waterfowl, deer, and more. Notable species include dark-eyed junco, wild turkey, black bear, beavers, bald eagles, and osprey.

Dense forests of oak, pine, and spruce provide sound habitat for mycorrhizal fungi. The tree canopy opens into grassland meadows, and wetlands filter saturated ground.

The property was donated to Wildlands Conservancy in 2004 with the sole intention of remaining in a natural state and providing habitat to wildlife. The river that runs through the preserve is critical for clean water entering the Lehigh River.

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