Hammonds-Keeley Preserve

Thornhurst Twp, Lackawanna County, PA

The 10-acre Hammonds-Keeley Preserve might be small, but it is critical in protecting native riparian habitat along the headwaters of the Lehigh River. Here, dense spruce forests, grassland meadows, and a variety of wetland habitats provide habitat for ground-nesting birds, waterfowl, deer, and much more.

Visitors can catch streamside glimpses of wildlife or access the river for fishing and boating. Though there is no formal parking or access currently, the Preserve remains open for public use.

  • Getting Here

    There is no formal adress, but the preserve is located along Old River Road in Thornhurst Township, Lackawanna County.

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  • Wildlife

    This preserve is home to a host of interesting species including eagles, osprey, various owls, grouse, woodcock, multiple song birds and turkey. Mammals known to inhabit Hammonds-Keeley include deer, bear, beaver, mink, muskrat, rabbits and squirrels. For fishermen, the waterways here are home to trout to be caught!

  • Plantlife

    The acres of Hammonds-Keeley  range through different ecosystems, each with their own unique amalgam of plant life. In the meadows, you can find goldenrod, milkweed and meadow sweet spiraea. In the wetland areas, silky and red osier dogwoods, buttonbush, elderberry, maple viburnum, arrowwood viburnum, sensitive fern, cinnamon fern, various sedges and rushes, blue vervain, spotted joe pye all grow. The forested areas of the preserve are home to white pines, red and white oak, red maple, white ash, beech and sugar maple trees.

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Questions or feedback about this preserve?

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