Give The Gift of Animal Care

Feed an Animal. Care for an Animal. Adopt an Animal.

Wildlands Conservancy employs some really wild ambassadors: our education animals!

Feathered, furry and not – they educate thousands of community members, of all ages, about the value of nature right here at home. From insects to avian species, caring for our Animal Ambassadors costs about $70,000 annually.

This holiday season, you can help keep our animals healthy, fed and educating the next generation of environmental stewards when you Give the Gift of Animal Care.

Red Tailed Hawk

These apex predators play an important part in the ecosystem by keeping small-mammal populations in check. Also, they create habitat for smaller birds, like house sparrows, who often share use of  Red Tailed hawk nests!

Peregrine Falcon

These raptors are perhaps known best for the incredible speeds at which they can fly. They’ve been clocked, while diving, at speeds of over 200 mph!

American Crow

Crows, although common, are fascinating creatures. They have even been observed using basic tools! For instance, crows have been seen making use of sticks to access food that is out of reach.

Eastern Screech Owl
Eastern Screech owls, while adorable, are also known to be romantics. They mate for life and will only seek a new partner if the old one disappears!
Wood Turtle
This strikingly beautiful turtle species is in severe decline in the Lehigh River watershed due to habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, road mortality, and collection.

Barn Owl

These majestic looking creatures are master hunters. One of their ears is positioned higher than the other to help them determine with great accuracy where tiny sounds are coming from.

Striped Skunk

While there certainly is a big stink about how Skunks smell, these critters  are voracious grub-eaters and are actually one of the most adaptable mammals in Pennsylvania!

Turkey Vulture

Vultures are part of nature’s sanitation department! They are a huge help in clearing the landscape of deteriorating carcasses. This is important because it helps slow the spread of dangerous diseases and bacteria!

Eastern Rat Snake

These non-venomous snakes range from South Carolina north to Connecticut and they are excellent at swimming AND climbing!

This year, you can support Wildlands’ Animal Ambassadors as a holiday giving option to both inspire and delight loved ones of any age!

  • Feed an Animal: Contribute to feeding the animal of your choice over the course of the next year. You’ll receive:

    • A full-color photo of the ambassador
    • A certificate, a detailed description and fun-fact sheet
    • A wild-at-home nature activity kit!
    • Price: $50.00
  • Care for an Animal: Contribute to the healthcare and feeding needs for an animal ambassador over the course of the next year. You’ll receive all the items above plus:

    • original artwork actually created by an animal ambassador
    • an 8×10 photo of  your sponsored species
    • Price: $150
  • Adopt an Animal: Sponsor the entirety of care for an animal ambassador. You’ll receive all of the items from both levels above, as well as:

    • a personal visit with the adopted animal (for you and some friends) led by a Wildlands Environmental Educator
    • Price: $500