Wildlands Permanently Protects 7 Acres in the Lehigh Valley

Acquired Lands Continue Expansion of South Mountain Preserve

On Earth Day 2020, Wildlands Conservancy announced today the permanent protection of 7 acres, situated in Salisbury Township, Lehigh County. This recent acquisition continues the expansion of Wildlands Emmaus-based South Mountain Preserve, which swelled to more than 400 acres at the beginning of this year.

“This acquisition sends a loud and clear message about Wildlands commitment to protecting land within the Lehigh River watershed, and especially within our ever-urbanizing Lehigh Valley,” says Christopher Kocher, president of Wildlands. “The past month has demonstrated that conservation and ready access to open space and trails is critically important for the health of our communities, and this has thrust our mission to the forefront.”

Thanks to Our Giving Community

Contiguous to the existing South Mountain Preserve, the permanent protection of these 7 acres follows close behind news of other Wildlands’ acquisitions within the Lehigh Valley, bringing the land trust’s regional total to nearly 140 acres over the past six months.

Wildlands acknowledges the support of private donations for funding the acquisition of this property from and in cooperation with the Keller family.

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About South Mountain Preserve

South Mountain is among Wildlands’ first land acquisitions, dating back to 1976. The preserve helped set in motion the permanent protection of more than 55,000 acres throughout the Lehigh Valley and Lehigh River watershed.

It stands today as one of nine nature preserves owned and managed by the land trust – a locally storied property among an inventory that is presently growing. South Mountain boasts woodland trails, pronounced rocky outcroppings and unique vistas in an otherwise developed landscape. It is considered part of the 750-acre Robert Rodale Reserve.