Charles Couple Helps Protect High-Priority Land on Kittatinny Ridge

59+ acres are a conservation easement donation

Charles Couple Helps Protect High-Priority Land on Kittatinny Ridge

Home for Marvin and Melonia “Mel” Charles is a mountain place quiet enough to hear the wind and dark enough to see the stars. It is nestled within the Kittatinny Ridge (Blue Mountain), a priority preservation area for Wildlands.

“It’s amazing when you’re snowed in,” says Mel. “You can see the footprints of all the animals and the silence grows even more intense.”
“Yes, and the snow actually stays white!” chimes Marvin.

Owls, bears, foxes, coyotes, chipmunks and yes, black snakes (they’re part of nature, too), are spotted regularly. The wildlife that abounds has them concerned about the loss of open space and the fragmentation that follows from development.

Mel says, “I remember going to see the redwoods in California and poking fun at California people because they can be flakey. But after we saw how few of the trees they’d been able to salvage, well, we’re grateful for the flakes!”

Their decision to donate a conservation easement is also motivated by their vision protect the “priceless value” of a place they feel “needs to be passed on.”
The couple is hopeful to encourage concerned others to take similar actions. Mel says, “Our wish is to have this whole mountain preserved!”
“Our piece is a small part of it,” says Marvin, “but it’s a start.”

Marvin, a Lehigh University engineering professor for 35 years, and Mel, a pharmaceuticals professional, are both now retired. They’ve resided within the Kittatiny Ridge near Leaser Lake, Lehigh County for the past 12 years. They share their days and nature-made moments with two happy-to-meet-you collies, Pie and Spunky.