What is a Watershed?!

What is a Watershed?!

Did you know that every person on the planet lives in a watershed? Our environment, economy and well-being all depend on its health! Understanding how a watershed works is vital to stewarding its future – for all the people and wildlife who call it home!

Simply put, a watershed consists of any land that drains into a body of water, such as a stream, lake or ocean. Surface water from rain and snow drains down these areas of land and collects pollution, ultimately affecting the health of these bodies of water.

Lehigh River Watershed

Wildlands leads the protection of our 10-county Lehigh River watershed, and since 2014, we’ve been underway with an unprecedented effort to protect thousands of acres of water-cleaning forests specifically situated in the Upper Lehigh.

Protecting high-conservation value forests and wetlands is one of the most effective solutions for managing the health of watershed – because land protection is permanent! Additional best management practices include removing impedances like obsolete walls and dams, and establishing zones of native plants and trees, known as riparian buffers, that filter polluted runoff before it hits our streams.

The collective impact of these proven practices benefit fish and wildlife, and importantly help our communities have clean, healthy water for drinking, swimming, fishing and boating.

Wildlands Tip 3 from ASR Media Productions on Vimeo.