Lehigh River Headwaters Tour

Protected Place is Significant to the Health of the Lehigh River

Lehigh River Headwaters Tour

On May 28, 2015, friends, partners and supporters gathered for a special tour of the headwaters of the Lehigh River, a 4,000-acre property protected through the land-trust work of Wildands Conservancy. Today, the   parcel is permanently set aside as part of PA State Game Lands #312.

Key to the quantity and quality of the water of the Lehigh River, the parcel contains woodland, wetland and riparian habitat, including pitcher and sun dew plants, special carnivorous species.

Lehigh River Headwaters Tour – May 28, 2015 from Wildlands Conservancy on Vimeo.


Carnivorous plant species, sundew

Pitcher plant

Carnivorous plant species, pitcher plant