Learn About Spring Animal Activity!

In Spring, cycles begin anew along all strands of the web of life.

As animals awake from winter hibernation and their babies are born, they may more commonly cross paths with their human counterparts.

The videos below can provide some guidance on what to do if you are concerned about the well-being of your neighborhood critters!

If you determine that the animal you’ve seen is in distress, or for additional resources, visit: www.pawr.org

Turtles Crossing the Road

Slow and steady wins the race … but sometimes, turtles might need a helping human hand along the way! Watch the video to learn about how you can best be of assistance to our turtle friends!

A special note for kids: Only adults should handle turtles to ensure both their safety and yours.

A special note for all: Wildlands has had our featured snapping turtle, Munch, since he’s a baby. This accounts for his pleasant disposition when being handled. Please understand that snapping turtles in the wild behave in way that’s WILDLY different than Munch. Your personal safety comes first!

Baby Birds in Your Backyard

Nestling? Fledgling? Orphaned?

Check out this resource video for advice on understanding young bird behavior in your yard!

Baby Bunnies in Your Backyard

Is there a nest of baby bunnies in your yard?

Watch the video to learn what to do if you think the babies inside may have been abandoned – and check out our cute bunny guest star, courtesy of Wildlands’ education animal team!