Learn About Eastern Screech Owls!

Meet Bartram!

When you see Wildlands’ Eastern Screen Owl, Bartram, you might think he is a baby. However, he is just a member of the second-smallest (and most common) owl specie in Pennsylvania! Don’t be fooled by their diminutive size, there’s a LOT to learn AND love about Eastern Screech owls!

Listen up!

Eastern Screech owls have a wide array of calls for different purposes such as mating, defense displays and communicating among their owl-family units! The most interesting sound they employ might be confused with a horse and is described as a “whinny” ! You can hear this song in the video below.

Build A Screech Owl Nest Box

A wonderful way to help the Screech Owl population is to install a nest box, and if you’re feeling crafty, you can even build one!

Be sure to mount the boxes on a tall pole or under an eave 10+ feet off the ground. The best placement for the boxes is facing South on the edges of forested areas or alongside a clearing of some kind.

Also, the owls will not bring their own nesting materials, so make sure you line the box with owl-friendly bedding, like wood chips (NOT sawdust). After it is assembled and mounted, just wait to see WHO shows up!