Land Protection

Land Protection

More than 50,000 acres preserved and managed.

We protect land – and so much more.

Every foot of every acre expresses a personal legacy that Wildlands Conservancy is honored to keep alive.

Historical Land Protection Map

Wildlands has protected more than 50,000 acres of high-conservation value lands situated in priority landscapes.

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We are indebted to the visionary landowners we work with every year. Each presents a compelling case for conservation, and more importantly, a heartfelt desire to infinitely sustain all of the nature-made moments they know and wish to pay forward.

Through easement, acquisition and a full spectrum of planning expertise, Wildlands brings under protection high-conservation-value lands situated on and in proximity to South Mountain, the Lehigh River Corridor, the Kittatinny Ridge (Blue Mountain) and special natural areas in the Pocono portion of the Lehigh River watershed.

In addition to holding 70 conservation easements, Wildlands owns and manages nine nature preserves that total more than 2,600 acres and are open to the public.

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