Land Planning

Land Planning

We live in the Lehigh Valley, too.

When regional partners (we like to call them our neighbors) need the right set of hands and minds to plan a conservation-focused approach, we’re more than happy to help – in the name of nature, a greater network of expertise and a stronger local economy.

Our land planning work brings us together with municipalities, local government, residents and conservation groups and advisory councils to actively accomplish:

Community Planning

We provide municipalities a variety of basic services, including grant writing, support for sustainable development and smart growth initiatives, master site plan facilitation, comprehensive plan completion, conservation program development and environmental advisory council creation.

Greenway & Trail Planning

Together with residents, local government, regional conservation groups and municipalities, we help establish greenways, corridors of undeveloped land preserved for recreation and environmental protection. We also guide the development of trails and trail networks that are compatible with natural resource protection, often providing access for boating, fishing and environmental education.

Natural Areas Inventories

We assist municipalities and counties with the preparation of natural areas inventories, including conducting field surveys, developing habitat protection and restoration strategies and writing grants for broader habitat protection and improvement.

Open Space Planning

To help municipalities complete open space plans, we can work with elected officials and volunteers to prepare their plan, an inventory of open space resources and the strategies needed to protect them, as well as provide consultation for implementing their strategies, which might include workshops and landowner outreach and negotiation.

Watershed Planning

We provide analysis and report writing for residents and local conservation groups seeking to understand their geography and the importance of protecting water quality, including the creation of watershed associations and co-hosting educational events on watershed planning.