Dam Removal

Dam Removal

We have done our research. It tells us that many regional dams are not just old, but obsolete and not
what nature intended – not just for wildlife – but for our community’s water quality and well-being.

Dam removal involves many interests and entities, and as conservationists, we seek solutions that balance use and protection to effectively restore local creeks and streams.

Why are Dams a Concern?

Over the past 100 years, the United States led the world in dam building – blocking and harnessing rivers for a variety of purposes, including hydropower, irrigation, flood control, recreation and water storage.

While some dams can benefit society, hundreds of thousands of obsolete dams throughout the region no longer serve their intended purposes and stand as major sources of water quality and habitat impairment.

What are the Benefits of Dam Removal?

Soon after dam removal, streams rapidly begin showing signs of restoration. Fish migrate freely up and down stream, seasonal flow changes are observed, clogs of silt that impair spawning and feeding dissipate along with unnatural temperature variations. These benefits also correlate directly with improved water quality for the Lehigh Valley’s residents.