Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Hundreds of stream miles improved, trail systems developed and wildlife habitat restored.

Fourteen nature preserves. Urban creeks.
And every stretch of the Lehigh River.

We are on the ground – every day – monitoring, improving and restoring acres and stream miles within and beyond our protected lands.

Acting now with a focus on perpetuity, while leading the environmental consciousness of our 10-county region, enables us to knit people and places closer together to accomplish the most critical aspect of environmental stewardship – creating lasting connections to nature.

With the help of volunteers and partnerships with like-minded organizations and municipalities, Wildlands Conservancy employs science-based standards and time-honored land preservation techniques to accomplish water quality and ecological restoration throughout the region we serve.

The efforts we put forth to sustain safe and enriching opportunities for the community include:

  • Replacing expansive invasive plant communities with native ones
  • Remediating abandoned mine drainage, the most widespread water pollution issue in Pennsylvania
  • Removing dams and other man-made alterations on local waterways to restore fish passage
  • Improving water quality and wildlife habitat through stream restoration projects

Click to view the 2018 Lehigh River Watershed Conservation Management Plan.