Camp 2 U!

Interactive Videos | Hands-on Kits | Get-outdoors Activities

Introducing Camp 2 U!

Your Wildlands Conservancy summer camp team is bringing all the fun, adventure and wonder of nature right to your home! Our sought-after on-age-level experiences will excite and engage via interactive videos, hands-on kits and get-outdoors activities.

What’s in a Week of Camp 2 U!?

Delivered via Google Classroom with age-level sessions for kids aged 5-14, each week includes:

  • A camp-filled day focused being outside – minimal screen time!
  • Activities can be completed at the campers’ own pace
  • Question of the day investigation
  • Interactive video presentations with our educators
  • Opportunities for campers to connect with campers
  • Video Animal Ambassador presentations and summer camp educator-led  nature hikes
  • Hands-on activity kits (picked up in advance)
  • Your choice of a t-shirt or backpack with registration

One week of Camp 2 U! –  $75.00/session

Camp materials kits will be available for pick up at our Dorothy Rider Pool Wildlife Sanctuary the Saturday before camp starts. Additional information will be sent to you regarding kit pick-up upon registering. If you prefer to have these materials shipped to you and be charged $20 for shipping you may choose this option during registration. Kit shipment requests must be made at least 10 days before the first day of camp.

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June 14-18 | Rhythm of Nature

Learn to hear the individual natural rhythms that play around us each day. Wind, pattering rain, bird song, insect hum and human noise blend into a symphony. Campers acquire the tools, knowledge and insight to deconstruct the rhythm and rebuild one of their own. Each day includes a sound based theme and recognizes nature’s rhythm is more than sound.

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June 21-25 | Outdoor Skills

Sharpen your survival skills while developing a strong connection to nature. Campers acquire the techniques needed in order to survive in any type of outdoor environment. Throughout the week, learn to track wildlife, build shelter, and make fire. Our trained educators will introduce these and other basic wilderness survival skills using fun, hands-on lessons.

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June 28- July 2 | Wild Things

Solve challenges affecting wildlife caused by invasive species with bizarre adaptations and humans, too! Discover what to do to make things better for animals where you live- even your own backyard. Explore habitats, meet our animal ambassadors, and have fun with experiments and educational games.

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July 6- July 9 | Outside Art

Campers are immersed in principles guiding the natural world before employing the principles of art.  We understand the biodiversity found in our world by viewing it through someone else’s eyes. Featuring hands on exploration, drawing, painting, sculpting and other basic art forms.

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July 12-16 | Stories For The Wild Child

When fiction meets reality, hungry caterpillars, Hedwig the owl and Stuart Little rustle in the leaves. Imagination, knowledge and exploration allow us to see the world in a new light. Our adventure begins when a story comes to life! Guest readers, games, crafts and experiments are the hub of our week. 6+ work together to create their own story.

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July 19-23 | Water's Edge

Find out what makes water behave the way it does, why it is fun to play with and weird things we can make it do. A week of fun and educational games, experiments, water play and discovery ends with you creating your own water obstacle course!

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July 26-30 | Science in Nature

Curiosity, experimentation, and discovery- unearth the thrill of science, technology and engineering enmeshed in the beauty of the natural world. Many of humankind’s greatest inventions were inspires by biomimicry and what a receptive mind observed in nature. What will you see?  What will you create? What part of nature will inspire you? Put your STEM glasses on through many hands-on experiments and investigations. 

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August 2-8 | Running Water

The second of our three water weeks, focuses on how humans effect water. We make choices every day. If we do not understand their impact, wrong choices unknowingly damage nature and the water it holds. Now is a great time to change our actions- to leave a positive trail behind us. Let’s play, experiment, discover and do better. Have fun and learn how to be a water warrior!

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August 9- August 13| Realm Of The Forest

Magic and mystery fill the air! Come with us on an adventure into another realm! With the right mindset, the line between what we know as reality and what could be- what we see as fantasy, blurs. Is there possibility that what is beyond the tree line is truly enchanted? There is a bit of truth in every story. Focus is on exploration, immersing ourselves in fantasy, myths and legends and proving or disproving they are real!

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August 16-20 | Living Water

Did you know that there is more water in a potato than a chicken? Or that water can be found in rocks and the desert? Water is everywhere. People, crickets, robins, deer, frogs and all living things need it to live. On average, it makes up 65% of our bodies. Our third and final water week focuses on the relationship between animals and water. Curiosity, experimentation and discovery fill our days.  Let’s get wet!

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August 23-27 | Ecowarriors

Discover how knowledge and action can start a movement. Together we will learn how to adjust our simple everyday habits in order to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. With hands on activities and fun experiments we will explore ways we can protect the environment we live in. SPECIAL GUESTS! Local Ecowarriors teach us what they do for planet earth.  It’s true, a single person, maybe you, makes a positive change.

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