Trexler Nature Preserve: Stewarding the Health Of Jordan Creek

Before relocation.

Wildlands has worked with the County of Lehigh for the past decade to steward the conservation value of the County’s 1,108-acre Trexler Nature Preserve, one of the largest and most sought-after green spaces in the Lehigh Valley.

The partnership includes a focus on the health of the Jordan Creek that flows through the preserve. Bison who inhabit the preserve currently have direct access to a portion of the creek as it flows through their enclosure. Their proximity is increasing nitrogen levels within the stream, which in turn negatively impacts aquatic life.

After relocation.

To reverse this, Wildlands has relocated and reinstalled fencing in the bison pens to prevent the animals from directly accessing the creek. This management practice will decrease erosion, allow for beneficial riparian growth (native strips of grasses and shrubs), and it will the decrease the level of damaging nitrogen loads entering the waterway. This all adds up to a more favorable environment for the aquatic life that calls this creek home, and an overall healthier Jordan Creek. The public will be invited to assist with planting trees and shrubs in spring of 2017.