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River Conditions to Next Access Point: 

The river is flat in this reach since it is all slack water behind the Chain Dam. 

All paddlers wishing to go farther downstream beyond the Chain Dam must exit the river just above the Chain Dam.  A 150-yard portage around the dam allows the boater to continue down the river on a gentle, 3-mile reach ending at the Easton access point.  Alternatively, the boater can carry from just above the dam, enter the Lehigh Navigation canal, and paddle 0.6 mile to the canal-boat parking lot, or paddle the length of the canal (2.5 miles), re-enter the river, and paddle another 0.7 mile to the Easton access point.
The Lehigh Dam -- the last dam on the Lehigh River -- is 200 feet downstream from the Easton access point.  DO NOT approach the dam.


  • Hugh Moore Park:  canal, locks, towpath, walking trails, canal-boat rides, playground, and picnic facilities
  • Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor and the D & L Trail : The D & L Trail, which is on the Lehigh Navigation towpath, extends west (upstream) to the Route 33 access point and far beyond, and east (downstream) to the Easton access point and far beyond.  In Easton, it links with the Delaware Canal State Park on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River. 
  • Delaware Canal State Park: This park extends for 60 miles along the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River (Easton to Bristol).  The canal is fully watered and canoeable, and the towpath is exceptional for walking, biking, and wildlife watching.

Access Point Orientation and Description:
The portage point is on RIVER RIGHT 200 feet above the Chain Dam near Glendon.  An earthen beach leads to the entrance of the Lehigh Navigation canal, Guard Lock #8, and the (red) Locktender's House.  The dam is large and VERY DANGEROUS.  It has a 15-foot drop with a recirculating hydraulic at the bottom that traps objects indefinitely.  The dam is located just downstream of the portage point on the western end of Hugh Moore Park.  Portage (about 150 yards) around the dam, re-entering the river 100 feet below the dam, and continue on to the Easton access point about 3.0 miles downstream.  Alternatively, a boater can enter the canal beside the Locktender's House and paddle about 2.5 miles to Lock #47, then portage a short distance to re-enter the river and continue on to the Easton access point. 

Locating the Access Point from the River:
On this section of river, there are three islands.  Stay to RIVER RIGHT as you pass the third and largest island (Island Park).  Three stone structures -- one in the middle of the river -- with cables connecting them will be seen in the middle of the island.  The portage point, an earthen beach, is directly perpendicular RIVER RIGHT from the downstream end of this island.  Look for the red Locktender's House on RIVER RIGHT.  Danger!  Be alert for the Chain Dam just past the portage point.  Begin your portage 200 feet above the dam at the earthen beach.  This portage point is 1.5 miles downriver from the Route 33 Bridge across the Lehigh River.

Directions to Access Parking/Unloading Area by Land:
From I-78, take Exit 75.   Go north on Morgan Hill Road, following the “To Route 611” signs toward Easton. Go 0.3 mile on Morgan Hill Road to the stop sign at Old Philadelphia Road.  Bear to the right onto Old Philadelphia Road and go 0.5 mile to the stop sign at St. John Street.  Bear left onto St. John Street and go 0.1 mile to the traffic light at Berwick Street.  Turn left onto Berwick Street (following the signs to “Hugh Moore Park Canal Boat Rides”) and go 1.0 mile to the end of Berwick Street at Glendon Avenue.  Turn left onto Glendon Avenue and go about 1.0 mile through one stop sign to a second stop sign at 25th Street.  Turn right (north) onto 25th Street crossing the bridge (and the Lehigh River ) and go 0.3 mile to Lehigh Drive.  Turn left onto Lehigh Drive and go 0.5 mile to the stop sign at Glendon Hills Road.  Turn right onto Glendon Hills Road crossing the bridge (and the Lehigh River).   At the other side of the bridge, turn right and go 0.5 mile to the Hugh Moore Park parking lot and the access area.

Access Point Location:
The river and canal can be accessed at several points within Hugh Moore Park.  Parking at the portage point near the Chain Dam at the western end of the park is not permitted.  FOR CANAL ACCESS: The best access point to the canal is about 0.3 mile west (upstream) of the parking lot at the canal-boat dock.  FOR RIVER ACCESS: Access to the river is best made near the 25th Street (automobile) Bridge high over the park's roadway.

User Facilities:

  • Restroom facilities
  • Ample parking
  • Canal-river water-trail loop
  • Walking and biking trails within the park
  • Road access directly to the river
  • Road access close to the canal
  • Canal boat rides
  • Food and beverages at park store
  • Picnic facilities
  • Pavilions and playground
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Fishing in season
  • Working lock and other canal features
  • Interpretative signage
  • Locktender's House and museum

Ownership and Maintenance:

  • City of Easton

Present Use and Conditions:
The eastern (downstream) end of the canal boasts a working lock -- the only one functioning on the Lehigh Navigation.  The Locktender's House, the canal-boat ride, and other facilities attract many visitors to the park.  When canoeing past canal boats being towed by mules, to avoid becoming entangled in the tow rope stay to CANAL RIGHT (away from the towpath).  Note that the canal is drained in late October and re-filled in April.  Canal paddling: When only a canal-paddling experience is desired, boaters can stay on the watered 2.5 miles of the canal, all within Hugh Moore Park.  Canal-river water-trail loop: Because of the proximity of the canal to the river, a canal-river water-trail loop can be accomplished. Access the canal at the canal-boat dock and paddle up the canal (west) to the (red) Locktender's House.  Portage to the river about 100 feet below the Chain Dam, then paddle down river 2.5 miles, take-out at the small storage building on RIVER RIGHT at the Abbott Street Lock access area and portage into the canal.  Paddle up (west) the canal to your original entry at the canal-boat dock.

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