Coplay Creek Stream Restoration & Planting

Project Area Is Along a Popular Ironton Rail Trail Section in Whitehall Township

Coplay Creek Stream Restoration & Planting

Coplay Creek is among the local waterways that fall within the scope of Wildlands Conservancy’s Lehigh River Watershed Conservation Management Plan. In summer 2015, Wildlands, in cooperation with Whitehall Township and many partners, commenced stream restoration efforts on the creek as it flows parallel to the Whitehall section of the Ironton Rail Trail. A dam was successfully removed to help re-establish the natural stream channel and floodplain and prevent further erosion and flooding while
eliminating a public safety hazard.

In the fall, more than 30 friends and supporters came on site for an educational presentation and also volunteered their time for a wildflower planting to help establish a riparian buffer that will further enhance the health of the stream.

The dam on Coplay Creek prior to removal

Longtime supporters Kathy and Roy Borger volunteer to help with the planting.